Thursday, April 30, 2015

Contacting a Professional

      I contacted the Center for Creative Arts and Play Therapy over the weekend. I emailed them about what I was planning to do and how I would do it. They have not contacted me back yet, and I will send a follow up email later this week. There was really no stress in doing this, as it was an email. I don't have any new insight into this project this week, as there was no contact back from the center. This process did help me grow in being able to send a formal email.

Findings Through Research

      There is a therapy center in York, PA. It is called the Center for Creative Arts and Play Therapy. I can get the videos to the kids via email, or posting them on YouTube. I would need maybe 15 to 20 videos as a start to give the kids. They would need to be the length it takes to instruct how to make the piece. I would need paper and a film person to make the video.
      My idea has been growing a lot to make these videos. My original idea hasn't changed, but it has grown a lot. I have learned to make sure to get the details of ideas in my research. I have grown as a learner and researcher in my skills and my incentive.

Changing Society Through Origami

      My goal for changing society through origami is to create videos of origami instructions to send the therapy centers. Origami videos is an exceptional tool through therapy. It gives the patients a visual and audio version of the origami instructions for the patients who can either not understand the verbal instructions or the visual instructions. Providing this would give both of those types of patients the same thing to do. The videos would also give them the option to go back to other parts of the video to repeat instructions if they missed them. My end goal is to be able to send videos to a therapy center to help the kids that need therapy.

Inquiry Questions For Further Research-
- Are there any therapy centers in York, PA?
- How many videos would I need?
- How long should the videos be?
- How would I get the videos to the kids?
- What would I need to make the video?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Passionate about Origami

      My passion is about creating Origami pieces. Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into one piece, or multiple pieces to make a geometrical figure. I am passionate about it because I am OCD, and it helps to have something to do to help me focus, and I got hooked to it about six years ago. I have been making it ever since, and have been improving my skills, and making even more complicated pieces. With origami, you can never go wrong, because a wrong fold means that you have created something completely new.
      What I enjoy about this passion is that there are so many things you can do. There are so many categories of origami that you can go into. You can go into traditional, boxes, decorative, geometrical, animals, toys, or you can invent your own. If you choose a catagory, you have even more categories under that catagory. Origami is a never ending art with new models being invented every day. If you ever want to Japan, be sure to look out for any origami store to see their amazing models.